1) Will my child have difficulty in any other in adjusting because of the change?

Ans: No. The standards of the High school are with par with any other schools and the environment is congenial .

2) How are the HS students prepared?

Ans:  Most HS students opt for Engineering, Medicine, general stream and further their education at University, regional institutions and overseas. They are given regular classes, mock test and prepared for Joint exam. For science students periodic online tests will be conducted following the WBJEE pattern. The tests will be consisting of MCQs which is time bound. Subject wise in-house teachers prepare MCQs for the Test. Doubt clearing session will be conducted just after the online tests based on the individual assessments of the results. A residential workshop for 2 days will be conducted to furnish the students for WBJEE and other entrances.

3) Is your school mainly for Bengalis ?

Ans:  Not at all. The student population is predominantly Bengalis as it is in West Bengal but there are students who belong to other communities as well and from other states . The school prides itself in being multi-cultural.

4) What if my child falls ill during school hours?

Ans:  The School does not have extensive medical facilities, though the school staff can competently administer first aid. A sick child will be taken to the nearest hospital with parents duly informed. Parents are encouraged to alert school administrators if their child has a special condition or requires on-going treatment.

5) Do you offer transport facilities?

Ans:  Road map of each school & landmark to be given.

Ans:  Transport facility is available.

6) Do you provide canteen services?

Ans:  Most of our schools offer meals and snacks at break time, lunchtime and after school at reasonable prices. It uses a token system and students may choose to purchase lunch tokens for a set period in advance. (Optional).

7) Do you have boarding facilities?

Ans:  Hooghly and Bolpur schools provide boarding facilities till class X.

8) Do students wear a school uniform?

Ans:  The School uniform is available from the designated tailor; 2 Separate sets and a sports kit are required. For Techno Model School : Boys : Navy Blue Trousers with sky blue shirts(with the school monogram),navy blue ties with sky blue stripes, black shores and white socks . Girls: The same as boys .Option Navy blue Skirts with Sky blue tops. Winter Uniform: Sky blue Blazer with School Monogram.

9) Can you give me direction to your School ?

Ans:  Road map of each school & landmark to be given.

10) How do I enroll my child?

Ans:  Admission to the School is based on merit and contingent upon the availability of seats. All eligible candidates get an opportunity to be admitted. We restrict the class strength to 40.
The registration form may be submitted either (a) manually or (b) online.
Registration form can either be filled up online from the school
Website: www.tigpublicschool.org   www.technoindiagroup.com or can be collected from the school office. The registration process will be complete only after payment of the requisite registration fee at the school office. For (a) The registration form will be available at the school office on payment of registration fee. The form has to be filled up manually and submitted to the school office. Admit Card would be given from school mentioning the date of interaction/observation. Or For (b) the form from the website can also be submitted online. An admit card would be processed & delivered on line .

11) What benefits will I get if I study in TIG colleges?

Ans:  Over the last 25 years, more than 500000 students of Techno India Group have been placed in different companies like TCS, INFOSYS, CTS, MBT, SATYAM, WIPRO etc. Thus, Techno India Group has not only created a remarkable impact in creating successful careers for its students but has also established for itself an unparalleled placement track record on the national education landscape.

12) What are the co-curricular activities in which my ward can participate?

Ans:  We at Techno believe that every child has some latent potential and talent and we seek to make them aware of the same .Wide range of co-curricular activities under one roof is provided like , Martial Arts, Music-Vocal & Instrumental both Eastern & Western, Elocution , Dance , Drama, Arts & Craft, Chess, Yoga and Meditaion , Celebrities like Dona Ganguly, Bratati Bandhyopadhyay, Sraboni Sen etc conduct frequent workshops in school campuses . Special talks on motivation are held by Mr.P.K Banerjee .

13) Is the school providing enough study materials & infrastructure or whether the student has to join the recognized coaching institutes as Akash, Pathfinder etc.

Ans:  Yes, certainly. The study materials are provided by eminent teachers to our schools who bring toppers in WBJEE , AIEEE. There is an authentic library (recourse center) in every school unit that can be accessed by the students for reference.

14) Whether extra guidance is given to a student who is weak for a particular subject ?

Ans:  We identify slow learners by various evaluation methods and success oriented activities .

15) When was the school established?








 TIGPS- 17.4. 2006,
 TMS- 6.7. 2001


 TIGPS- 21.4. 2005













16) What are the previous results of the school?

Ans:  99% successful HS result .JEE students have score from below 100 rank to 12000 rank .

17) How are the lab facilities in the school?

Ans:  The school has well equipped separate science laboratories for the subject of Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs in each subject - Secondary and Higher Secondary level. Routine Practical classes are conducted in the respective laboratories. The students are taken to the laboratories periodically to get them acquainted with the innovative instruments of science and scientific learning.

18) What are the games facilities provided? Is there any quota for state level champions?

Ans:  This facility is completely under the discretion of the administrator .

19) What streams do you offer?

Ans:  We offer both Science and Commerce.Humanities is offered only at Chinsurah Unit.

20) What are subject combinations offered in our school?

21) How is the Pre- Competitive examination curriculum offered along with the School studies?
Are the classes conducted in English? How can the classes be run parallel i.e. those students who come from different English-medium schools?

Ans:  The School's curriculum is developed by subject specialists to meet the academic needs of its students. The curriculum is content based rather than textbook oriented.

22) After successfully completing their Higher Secondary Examination, where do your students go?

Ans:  Students continue their studies at professional colleges, national and international universities. Some have pursued Bachelors, Masters of PhD program at the Techno Technical colleges, BBA BCA program. In the last few years, alumni have become doctors, engineers, lecturers, teachers, social workers in many work in various government and non government organizations.

23) How do the students get admission to Techno colleges?

Ans:  The student must get a rank in Joint Entrance and that rank should qualify for the Techno Colleges as per the requirement of the Techno India.

24) Is it that whatever scores you get admission to the colleges is not a problem?

Ans:  No only if the candidate has a rank within 10,000 in JEM he / she can opt for the Kolkata colleges. More than 10,000 are available for colleges outside Kolkata. Other ranks below shall be having waiting list or can take admission through management quota .

25) How do you prepare your students for college admission and a future career?

Ans:  The School organizes career-counseling sessions for its HS students. Counselors work with individuals assisting them to chart their career path and guiding them to achieve their personal academic goals.

26) Do you provide sample papers for Admission test?

Ans:  Yes, we provide sample papers.

27) Which book my ward should follow to do best in your Admission Test?

Ans:  Although Techno admission test pattern are changed time to time and we always keep some surprise element in papers to understand the exam temperament of a student still student can refer to last two year's syllabus at IX and X .

28) Do you have reserved seats in your admission test?

Ans:  No, we don't have any reserved seats for admission test. We give admissions only depending upon the performance in Admission Test.

29) Do you give scholarship?

Ans:  Yes, we do give scholarship on Tuition Fee of the program fee based on the performance in admission test to the excellent performer. There are few other scholarship options.

30) What is better Integrated School Program or Class Room Programs?

Ans:  Integrated school program is advisable as it saves time and is less stressful.

31) Apart from certain financial benefits what extra privileges are provided to students for entrance to engineering colleges ?

Ans:  We provide them test papers and study materials for supporting the present final school exams.

32) How will my child cope-up with competitive and school at the same time?

Ans:  When a student joins our classroom program we plan classes in a week in such a way that it leaves him/her enough time to cover school studies as well. But it is always advisable to complete the school work in school itself. However preparation for -JEE also helps students for their board/school exams.

35) Is it possible to enroll my child/ward (studying in Standard XI) in your JEE Two Year Classroom Program only?

Ans:  We are working on this issue.

36) Would you be preparing him/her for Board examination as well as for WBJEE entrances?

Ans:  Yes, most of JEE concepts are derived from what they study in syllabus of standard XI & XII. Hence all long term classroom programs provide support for school final exams as well as competitive exams.

37) Will -JEE preparation help my ward to undertake any other competitive exams?

Ans:  Yes, it does help as we provide basics of all competitive entrance exams during the course.


38) Does the teacher devote extra time for my ward if he/she misses any class or is not satisfied?

Ans:  It's never advisable to miss classes. Our academic calendar is attached with the diary . Yes your ward can get personal extra time depending upon the availability of the faculty and as per the requirement. Residential workshops are held by the teachers and the experts just before the Joint Entrance exams for doubt clearance and support.


39) Is it Possible to change the school unit after admission?

Ans:  Yes, genuine cases are consiered. A small amount is charged as "Transfer charges" as an administration cost.

40) How do we get to know about our ward's performance?

Ans:  At Techno , we make sure that we keep parents informed and updated about their child's performance by providing them. - Term wise students attendance cards - Term wise student performance - Conduction of PTM Otherwise you can any time enquire by reaching our School.

41) What is the minimum % of attendance a student has to maintain in school?

Ans:  75 to 80 %

42) Is it compulsory to take the integrated class?

Ans:  Preferably Yes and we have made it compulsory.

43) If my ward leaves in between the year, is there any chance of refund?

Ans:  No, there is no refund policy.

44) How will my ward cope up with JEE and HS ?

Ans:  Preparation for JEE or competitive exam is not easy.Students don't feel extra pressure because of school and competitive exam preparation. But please remember "This is the way of preparation of competitive exam, where every student faces some difficulty". We have to keep motivating the students.